What is pkv games and how to play it effectively?

The pkv game is a poker game, it is a most exciting game to play and also it can be easily played by any person. This game can be played by eight people at a single time in a table and among the eight people, seven people will be the players and another one person will be a dealer. Before the game gets started, the players need to bet the required amount. After the bet, the dealer will start the game.

How to play the pkv games?

All the players should compare their cards with the dealer’s card. The more chance of winning the game is for the player who doesn’t use the dealer system. When you are the dealer of the game, you will have some risk but if you win the game being a dealer, the profit will be higher than a bet amount. While starting the game you should know the hand ranking and you should memorize the levels of hand ranking during the pkv games. Hand ranking is nothing but using the same card as the poker. Generally, hand ranking consists of 10 types of cards and know more about the game through online. The levels of the Card will be calculated from the strongest level of cards to the weakest level of cards. But unlike all the other poker games, this pkv games will offer equal opportunity to both the players and the dealer’s for winning the jackpot.  Many players buy the jackpot which is the bet amount, the higher the chance of winning the game. So, each time when the players buy the jackpot, the value of the jackpot gets increased. For winning a jackpot, you should get the particular combination of the cards which are listed below:

  • Royal flush – In this type, 80% of the total jackpot has been listed on the table.
  • Straight flush – In this type of cards, only 30% of the jackpot is being listed on the table.
  • Four of a kind – 10% of the jackpot has been listed on the table.

If you get any one of these above mentioned types of jackpot card combinations before buying the jackpot, then you will not get any jackpot. This pkv poker games contains only 7 to Ace cards, the cards which are being used is very less when compared to the normal poker games. So the players will easily get good cards for the game. When you are new this game, don’t directly go for the large table. You should start from the small table and you need to understand the rules of the game and then you should play in the large tables.