Safety First in Online Gambling

     When you create an account in whatever online activity you are doing, you expose yourself to the inherent dangers that are present in the World Wide Web. Phishing, hackers, and malware are always present whenever you so much as open a connection to the web. You could be using Social Media, Online Dating, or online Betting and gambling the dangers are there and they only vary by degrees. The dangers escalate in online gambling as this involves money. Online gambling sites or situs judi online in Asia, are a hotbed for unscrupulous characters looking to take advantage of anyone that is unprepared and not taking extra precautions. It is always important that in anything you do online, arm yourself with the knowledge on how to protect yourself with layers of defenses against these common threats. Do not be fooled into complacency by the word common, yes they happen and they are commonplace but they are still a danger to those that are not prepared.


     Use the strongest passwords. Anything below 12 characters is going to be easier for brute force hackers to get into. If possible use a password generator and a password manager for your accounts. A password manager will be needed because you will have more than one password as it is also a good idea to NOT use the same password across your accounts. If your password is 15 characters long each and with a complexity of symbols, numbers, and Capitalization, a password manager is best unless you want yourself locked out of your own accounts. Add two-factor authentication as a standard across all of your accounts.

Public Hotspots

     Avoid logging in to your online accounts in anywhere with a public hotspot or wifi, these are favorite hunting grounds for hackers to piggyback on the wifi signal and introduce malware to your device. Not only that, doing any gambling online in a public place is never a good idea – what if you win and somebody happens to see it and then follows you home? A simple and possible scenario, right? Log in in the comfort of your own network and just by doing so you cut your risks by a significant amount. 

Updated Security Software

     Have a reputable anti-virus and anti-malware software on your device. NOt those free and trial period stuff but have the foresight to actually invest in a good security suite. A paid software will have more support and some guarantees that you will be hard-pressed to ignore when engaging in these activities. Have the habit to automatically update these when possible for the most up-to-date version of virus and malware database available in your device.

User Account

      Another layer of defense you can add is to play as a guest on your own PC. Create an account that has no administrative privileges and use it for online gaming or even just surfing. Malware and Viruses will have a hard time installing themselves if the account is not an admin on the pc they are trying to infect.