How to prepare to participate in a poker tournament

Competing in a poker tournament can be a very pleasant experience. The competition, all the glamor that surrounds the rooms, the possibility of winning a significant amount of money …All are very good reasons to participate, but they can turnupside down if the championship has not turned out the way you wanted due to mistakes made by yourself. To avoid that, and have a good tournament, it is essential that you follow a series of basic recommendations. Don’t leave anything to chance and prepare like a pro. Click here for cekiu.

Mental preparation will make you the strongest at the table

It has always been said that poker is a game of deception. You should try to hide your hand as much as possible and try to find out the other’s. If we know how to handle the strategies and statistics of the game well, we can advise ourselves well in any situation. In online poker tournaments, you can see the gestures of the rivals and analyze them to use that information to your advantage. Visit this site for cekiu.


You can observe repetitive gestures when the cards are dealt, expressions when throwing the flop, sweating, movement in the seat … The great poker professionals have a bit of psychological power, and they have been concerned with studying people’s behavior to improve their game.

Achieving the perfect poker face

In the same way, you can prepare or train yourself to hide all that information from your rivals, trying to master your gestures, postures, movements … until you have that attitude that we all know as “poker face”, that is, absence total of any expression.

A poker tournament is a competition, prepare yourself thoroughly

You must take the tournament as a sports competition to be able to perform at your best. Physical preparation, although it seems exaggerated, can be important. It is necessary to be well rested, to have slept enough and of course not to take any type of substance that alters your state.

Nor is it convenient for you to eat copious meals. During digestion, the stomach needs an extra supply of blood, and the brain suffers a decrease in irrigation that leads it to perform less than in recommended conditions.

As you can see, preparing for a poker tournament is also part of the game, and do not doubt that; it will help you improve your performance.