How To Play Sweet bonanza Slots Online

Online slot games have been increasing in popularity since the time they were introduced to the market. The popularity of the online version of slot games can be contributed to the fact that there is no limit to the variety of games you can find online. Also, many of these games are available for fun play too if you follow the mantra of try before you buy. One of the most popular traditional slot games is the Sweet bonanza games. There are different variations of these games available in the casinos. This game is now available in the online format too. The online version of the game is brought about by bar crest. Below we discuss how to play this game online.

How To Play

You can play this game by visiting the site The gaming screen contains buttons that lets you choose your desired stake / line and the number of pay lines you want to play on. The stake / line is set by default to 20 p and the number of pay lines is set to the maximum of 20 pay lines. Thus, the default wagering amount is 4 GBP. You can adjust these by using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons present on the screen. The minimum stake / line is 5p and you can choose to play on any number of lines between 1 and 20. The total wagering amount is the product of the number of pay lines and the stake per line. It is recommended that you play all the lines for a higher chance of getting into the fun bonus rounds. When you play with a stake of 5p per line, a line win will often get you roughly 25p, but when you are playing on 20 lines, you will have to pay 1 pound for every spin. The different winning combinations can be found by clicking on the pay table button present at the bottom of the gaming screen. This shows the number of credits you will get for different patterns. There are three bonus rounds you can get into in this game. When the special symbols occur three or more times in a spin, you are entitled to a bonus round. The special symbols are pots of gold with rainbow, a leprechaun and a wishing well. Depending on what special scatter symbol your spin has resulted in, the bonus round will be chosen. The prizes from the bonus rounds are dependent on the initiating symbols and your initial stake with a maximum limited to 500 times the initial stake.