How to Play Poker Domino

Ever thought about playing two of your favorite games at the same time? You’re in luck because there is such a thing. Poker Domino is a type of poker game that combines two of the best table games of all time. This game has been around for many years, but not a lot of people know about it.

Nowadays, there are different variations to the rules of this game, but the beginning of this crossover game started with a table game called Pai Gow. This game was initially created in china, which is translated to “Double Hand.” Since it’s creation, it has started to spread. And is played in many different countries around the world.

To help you understand the basics of this cool game, we will be giving you a beginner’s guide on how to start playing this game.

Domino Poker Rules

Also known as 99 domino poker, this game was designed for two or more players. To begin playing, the players need to enter a settled amount of money to start the betting process. Players will need to concede to the least and most celebrated, raising all the cutoff points on the sum that is placed in the pot.

The dominos will then be shuffled facedown. The merchant player will then give all players five tiles to each player that no one is allowed to touch and look at. Once the distribution of tiles is done, the players can then take these actions. Each player will be given a chance to fold, bet, check, call, and raise provided that it is their turn to play.

Once the call has been made, this is where the game gets a little jittery. All the players need to reveal their tiles, and the player that has the highest tile is considered the winner, taking all the amount in the pot.

Here are the ranks of hand based on the highest to the lowest:

  • Royal hand or invincible
  • Straight six
  • Four of a kind
  • Straight fives
  • Full house
  • Straight fours
  • Triple or three of a kind
  • Flush
  • Single pair
  • Heaviest tile

This game is pretty easy to play and easy to understand. It can also get quite competitive for most people who are just getting into it for the first time, but once you get the hang of how to play, it will be reasonably easy for you to play.