Helpful tips of gambling with Dominoqq online

Dominoqq online is one of the most popular gambling sites in Indonesia. Domino online is similar to paigow, which is known as the Chinese betting game. Sometimes it is rather confusing to find a hang of domino game, but once you get it, it’s addictive and entertaining. Below are the rules of this game, and you can go through them and have a precise understanding of how you can play this game and how it works entirely.

Domino qui qui rules

The beginners are recommended to gamble with 28 double consists of six dominoes. It differs from United States domino in such that dominoes for Indonesia are designed with smaller cards. They are typically thrown down as a sign of wear and play.  

The amount also varies depending on the place the gambler is playing. It can either be high or low when everyone has already placed a wager on the pot. Each player will play with three dominoes. While everyone is focusing on the dominoes, they will manage to carry out 1over 4 things. In case the outcome is unpleasant, the gambler can only play if the prior result was better. Either you can fold, raise or call.


If the gambler bets on the first round, then can win without a show of hands. If there are more than one persons, then individual who didn’t fold will deal with a single card. Once the cards are supplied, the final gambling round will take place. As usual, both rounds usually consist of a betting limit, and the second one consists of the top border. Ultimately, the player who didn’t fold more will show his hand, and the individual with highest will declare the winner.

 Second round

The cards which are place into pips and pairs are gathered together, and then it takes the second round. For example, a total of 23 will become 3; then the entire 17 pips will be 7. Depending on what has already been said, the best pair will 9, which identified as Agen domino online qq. Three hands can offer players with the top score of over a total of 9.

  • The top sum of pips on four dominoes can be equivalent 38 or even more
  • Lower combined pips of 4 dominoes equal are 9 or even lower than that.
  • Double4 dominoes will become two.

Another hand is above is more than non-special ones, but it’s below the double 9s which is straight. It is therefore all four dominoes contain consecutive pips. For instance, the pips are equal by 4, 5, 6 and 7. Another first hand can occur when a player has three double, and that is referred to like the kid, and the fourth one is alone.

If two players end with the second or straight, then someone with higher double wins, if both of them have straight ones with no doubles, then the one with more top wins. If two players end up having a straight or doubles, then the person with the higher double wins. If both have a straight but no doubles, then the person with the more top consecutive wins.