Terms used in football betting

You all know how fast the sports betting is increasing in the world and in that football is the game on which people bet a lot. It is not that difficult to understand why people love to play football betting, the reason is very simple because they have been watching and playing football from their childhood and they are aware about the rules and regulations about the game. UFABET website offers players to play betting on many different types of football tournaments. Even though you know the game very well but it is very important to know few terms which are used in football betting.

  • Accumulator: In football game accumulator means that a series of single bets have been summed up in a group.
  • Half and full time: In this type of bet the player first put bet on the first half of the match like who is going to win the first half and then put the bit on the entire match winner.
  • Scorecast: This is a bet where you predict which player will make the first goal and also predict that total score.
  • Wincast: It is similar to the scorecast, but her e you predict the winner of the game along with the predication who will make the first goal.

  • 90 Minutes betting: Basically this is a bet done on the individual players like who will make more goals and etc. This bet is called off if the layer does not appear in the match. But if the player comes in between any time of the 90 minutes then they can bet.
  • Draw no bet: This means if by any chance the game is draw then the better will get his money back. This bet looks safer but the chances of happing are very less.
  • Double chance: In this type of bet you will pick one winner and if that team win or the match get draw you will win the bet. But if the team you choose losses the match then you loss the bet.


Hope this information will be useful for all the new players of football betting. Happy betting!!!