All betting information provided by the company is made according to our knowledge and beliefs. However, the company cannot be held responsible if something goes wrong. Or negligence regarding dates, times, locations, player odds of match results, shirt statistics (displayed directly), or other betting information. The company has the right to correct obvious mistakes and will take appropriate steps to ensure that the market is identified by various types of bets in www ts911 info.

Important things to remember when using a gaming site

If a competition that is defined as a systematic sport is a competition between two teams or between people, which starts before the planned time and therefore only bets before the start of the event (excluding live betting) are considered valid. If the market is not closed or stopped at the right time, the company has the right to place all แบนเนอร์โฆษณา All bets placed after the actual start time are not valid (without specifying a direct bet).

The customer must trust all information provided

Customers already know that the current evaluation of the elapsed time and other information provided on the website, even though they come from “direct” programs provided by third parties, must be postponed or incorrect and all bets must be placed on this information. The Company’s own risk of providing this information does not change.

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The details of the bet are incomplete or incorrect.

  • Bets above the limit allowed by the rules.
  • Bets break the rules.
  • Human input or transmission error. Incorrect data usage results or odds of winning for the game.
  • Every time an abnormal or unnatural game platform is used or there are too many losses or advantages

All winnings or payments, including credits in the customer’s account, will be lost

The company has the right to block or close customer accounts at any time. If the customer is believed to have violated the rules or regulations or has fraud, illegal computer program attacks, manipulation or damage to the normal betting process, or if the customer is involved in money laundering or other illegal activities or is under the age of majority to participate in gambling in the jurisdiction. or in the actual place.If there is evidence that odds or bets have changed in midfield or if a contest, activity, or game uses a fraud plan, the evidence may depend on the size, amount, or form of bets made by us or others of our betting channel.